What are the Best Home Automation Devices?

January 30, 2018

A brief guide to some of the Best Home Automation Devices on the Market.

What if walking into your home was like stepping into the future?


It may sound like something out of Star Trek. However, home automation devices can add ease and convenience to almost every part of your life.


There are so many automation devices now that consumers have trouble deciding which to buy. Read on or bookmark this post to save our list of some of the best home automation devices.


How to Find the Best Home Automation Devices


Home automation devices automate some of the functions of your daily appliances. These are also known as smart devices.


The best home automation devices for you depends on what your needs are. For instance, someone who travels a lot may want to automate things like their exterior and air conditioning.


Someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen might want to automate things like music and alarms. Those who enjoy rest and relaxation may enjoy being able to automate their bedroom lights.


Read on to discover how to find the best home automation devices for your own needs.


Nest Thermostats


We install Nest Thermostats in our custom homes, the device keeps you comfortable when you’re home. It automatically turns itself down when you’re away. With proven energy-saving features, control from your phone, laptop or smartwatch. The device is a sleek minimalist design which will not detract from the aesthetic of your decor.


Amazon Echo and Dot


The Amazon Echo and Dot devices offer a variety of home automation features. They are also some of the most affordable ways to explore the world of automation.


The Amazon device can play music via voice commands. This music can be from your own collection or music that is available via Amazon Music. Some of Amazon’s music is free to stream, but much more is available through a subscription service.


You can configure your Echo or Dot to interact with some of your other devices. This allows you to make phone calls with a simple voice command.


These devices allow you to set alarms for yourself and to create things like recipes and shopping lists. And they will connect to other speakers around your house, giving you additional portability and power for the sound.


Curb Monitoring Device


The Curb energy monitoring device is one of the more passive devices on this list. However, it can also save you a large amount of money over the long term.


You install these devices inside your power breaker. From there, it will monitor all of your energy use and provide the info via a convenient app.


Monitoring your power consumption can help you adjust things like temperature, which leads to big savings. And the device and app can help you control other smart devices in your home, adding instant convenience.


Lifx Color 1000


One of the most popular home automation services is the ability to control your interior lights. Lifx takes this to the next level by also letting you control the color of your lights.


The different colors allow you to easily add festive lights to a variety of different occasions. And the app lets you control the use of these lights without having to rely on a separate hub.


Some experts find Lifx more vibrant than their nearest competitor Hue. And the lights themselves are more efficient, helping you save money as you enjoy them year round.


Logitech Harmony Elite


Being able to remotely control different devices is very convenient. However, users sometimes have difficulty using voice commands to control these devices.


Logitech provides a simple answer to this. They offer a special remote control that interacts with a wide variety of devices.


The Logitech Harmony Elite allows you to control the TV and stereo like a standard universal remote. It also interacts with the Harmony Hub it comes with to control different Bluetooth and infrared devices throughout your house.


Overall, Logitech offers the convenience of remote control without the inconvenience of using vocal commands that may not be recognized.


Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit


Most home automation devices interact with only one thing. However, this Samsung kit lets you connect multiple compatible devices for true automation.


The kit comes with a control hub as well as two multipurpose sensors, a motion sensor, and a special SmartThings outlet.


The sensors are designed to connect to other smart devices. This includes things like cameras and lights as well as thermostats and door locks.


There are new smart devices every day. This kit helps future proof your home for automation. For added convenience, you can connect it to an Amazon Alexa and control everything with your voice.


Belkin WeMo Switch


Many home automation devices are designed to be used with various smart devices. However, the Belkin WeMo Switch offers convenient control for anything that plugs into an outlet.


The device is basically an electrical outlet that has wi-fi. This lets you easily turn off and on any devices that are plugged into the outlet.


This simple device gives you quick control of things like humidifiers and coffeemakers. It is also good for irons or anything else located in another room that you want to control without even having to get up.


LG Smart Security Wireless System


Some consumers shy away from automation devices because they cost more than traditional devices. However, the LG Smart Security Wireless System is an affordable investment in home security.


Traditional home security cameras require you to sign up for expensive annual security plans. This LG system allows you to buy as many cameras as you want and monitor live feeds via the wallet-friendly ADT Canopy service.


Whether you are watching your home on vacation or simply adding to your home’s value, the LG Smart Security Wireless System is one of the best home automation devices you can buy.


The Bottom Line


The best home automation devices can make you feel like you are living in the future. Others may end up feeling like a waste of your time and your money.

It’s important to be honest about your particular automation needs and desires. This keeps you from buying something you don’t need and ensures your purchase provides maximum value.


Use our guide to figure out which automation devices will be the best possible fit in your home. The best devices are an investment in your personal happiness as well as the value of your home.