Things to Do in the Hamptons This Summer – Locals Guide

August 8, 2018

Our Favorite Things to Do in the Hamptons This Summer

There are so many things to do in the Hamptons, and as the hot and humid days of August drive New Yorkers to leave the city for the East End, we have put together a list of some of our favorite things to do.

We’ve created this list for those who are seeking activities that aren’t as popular, attractions you won’t find on Time Out New York’s list, allowing you to avoid the crowds and have an authentic Hamptons experience.

By the Plum Builders Inc. team.

The summer is a mad rush out here and it’s difficult for locals to find their summer days.

What we enjoy doing is usually very different than visitors or summer people.

We stay away from all restaurants, beaches and public places Thursday-Sunday as much as humanly possible. Instead, we head to the farm stand or villages before the visitors wake up and enjoying the beauty of the farm and the peace on the village streets.

farmers market

Discover Amazing Art Exhibits & Concerts

As great as it is to enjoy the beach and delicious food, the Hamptons has much more to offer. Take some time to check out the exhibits on display while you’re visiting. These are showcased in a rotation, and they never disappoint.

A great resource to bookmark to keep tabs on what will be happening during your visit is the Hamptons Art Hub which has extensive coverage of what’s happening in the East End art scene.

Summer in the Hamptons showcases a full calendar of concerts and the talent that comes to town is second to none. There are fantastic concerts at Amagansett Square and Talk House, or you can hit two birds with one stone and do a wine tour and then catch a summer music show at Wolffer Estates.

explore art

Off The Beaten-Beach

Going to the beach in the Hamptons can be overwhelming at times. We recommend connecting with nature and family and enjoying beach BBQ’s and fires in the evenings when the crowds have gone. You can also rent a kayak and paddle out to the more remote stretches of beach, this is where the magic of the Hamptons can be found, on the water and off the beaten path.

Eat, Drink, Repeat.

We love food. Let’s be more specific, we love great food! Once the day is done, it’s time to get cleaned up and a find a dinner spot for the evening. There are definitely going to be times when you stay in and make something special for you and yours. But, it’s worth tasting all that the Hamptons has to offer.

We prefer family owned establishments like Michaels’ Maidstone Bar and Restaurant. Michaels’ has been in business for over 40 years, located near Maidstone beach. The restaurant is charming and unpretentious and the food is diverse, sophisticated comfort food. Tip: if you do make it to Michaels’ then you’ll want to catch a sunset at Maidstone beach.

We enjoy having brunch in the park on the water in Sag Harbor with iced coffee and treats from Sag Harbor Bakery. “Free ice cream Wednesday” at Bay Burger, outside or out back seating enjoying the warm weather.

Last, head to Ditch Plains in Montauk early in the morning and watch the surfers with an egg sandwich and cup of coffee from Goldbergs Bagels.

things to do in the hamptons

Work on Your Golf Swing

Whether you’re an avid golfer or don’t have much of a swing, it’s still worth going to the golf course at least once. In the Hamptons, the best place to go is Shinnecock Hills Golf Club.

The course here is like none other, it hosted this year’s U.S. Open. It’s a breathtaking sight and a challenging game all in one.

Connect with Nature

The final thing you have to do in the Hamptons this summer is to enjoy the nature all around you. Going to the beach is fun and all, but the beautiful forestry and calmer waters in the surrounding areas are worth exploring.

The Hamptons has a handful of national parks and reserves, visit the Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge and Linda Gronlund Memorial Nature Preserve Sagg Swamp Nature Preserve.

Who doesn’t love a good sunrise, set your alarm and catch one of the most beautiful scenes the Hamptons has to offer in Indian Wells Beach. The key here is that you’ll be there and gone before the rest of the world shows up.

You Might Decide To Stay

Many who visit the Hamptons fall in love with it and decide to stay, some seasonally and others year round. If you’re considering making this your home and building out here, then you might find our resource helpful.

Finally, while there is no shortage of things to do in the Hamptons in the summertime, last winter we put together our list of things to do in the Hamptons during the off season.